Forget about your snoring problems, distress and go sailing.

Forget about your snoring problems, distress and go sailing. But first find the best sailing  accessories at West Marine.

Feel the romanticism in the air as you sail the French Riviera, France. With so many beaches and towns to explore it is going to be hard deciding where to start. If you crave the latest  designer fashion make sure you stop in Saint Tropez and Cannes. No worries if you left your boat at home you can rent a charter one.

Sail the Caribbean and stop at The Grenadines. Enjoy the pristine blue waters and sandy beaches and interact with the friendly locals. You can find a good charter boat rental that stays within your budget. Make sure you stop at the islands of St. Vincent, Tobago Cays and Carriacou.

Continue in the Caribbean and explore the British Virgin Islands.  Feel the white sand, go shopping and eat a delicious meal. There are  more than 40 islands to explore so you  won’t get bored. Get ready to enjoy the turquoise waters. If you want to rent a charter boat you’ll find one that suits you. There’s many activities to do..go snorkeling or get a sun-kissed tan at the beach.

Sail your way with the best at Bay of Islands in New Zealand. New Zealand is known for having the most boat owners. There’s a reason it is named  the most beautiful sailing place. There are many beaches to choose from it feels  like you’re in a secluded paradise island.

Prepare to sail the South Pacific and enter a tropical paradise in French Polynesia. See many volcanoes, waterfalls and lagoons. Go island hunting and stop at Tahiti, Bora-Bora and Tahaa.

The sailing bucket list is ready. Check. Now head to West Marine to  get accessories.

Don’t let the wind get on the way and opt for a  David Instruments Windex 15 Wind Indicator. Windex makes you aware of the wind direction so you can gain  control and move away. Count on great visibility whether sailing at day or night. Windex has been wind tunnel tested at a speed of 80 knots. There is a 10” stainless steel spire to prevent  birds from landing  on the vane.

Get accurate wind readings and temperature with a Weatherhawk Skymate Wind Meter from West Marine. SkyMate provides advanced weather information and is in a compact design that fits on   the palm of your hand. Get more of your sailing and steer on the right direction. Great to use on any type of boat whether sailing alone or with others.

Prevent slipping while trying to maneuver your boat and get a good grip with a Short Cruising Boots from West Marine. In a close fit that even if you get thrown in the water will stay on. Comfortable boots with great heel and ankle support. These boots keep your feet dry even when sailing in bad weather.

Move freely and get  comfortable Full-Finger Sailing Gloves from West Marine. These gloves  are in a snug fit and shape to your hand. For extra comfort these gloves have the index finger exposed. Plus, these gloves  provide a good grip whether wet or dry. Count on a long lasting gloves  you can keep looking great with just dropping in the washer.

Don’t worry too much  about your snoring problems, go on a sailing adventure and get the accessories you need at West Marine.


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